Blue and Gold


Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold in perfect symmetry,
Symbiotically holding each other together,
Fused into one composition,

© Bridget Cameron

11 comments on “Blue and Gold

    • Thanks Paula.
      Gold and Blue is a fractal image. I made it with a mathematical formula, that I zoomed into, then played around with the colours and dimensions. Add a bit of pre-vision, luck and inspiration and voila! There are fractal generator software that can help with making fractals. Search the web and you’ll find many.
      Couldn’t help but notice you are Dutch. My Mother is Dutch and came from s-Hertogenbosch.
      I love your nature art! I take lots of photos of nature and you may like my fb art page at where you’ll find lots of nature and fractals too.
      Bridget 🙂


  1. Dear Paula,
    No I couldn’t miss your Dutch name! My Mother’s family were choir masters at St Jan’s in Den Bosch for quite some generations! What city or town do you hail from?
    All the best to you 🙂


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