Oh sweet beauty,
manifest before my eyes,
your solitude calls me to be still.

The soft green hues,
of the sun’s filtered light,
through your leaves,
rests my eyes.

I begin to relax,
As tension fades,
and unwind to peace.


Be Still…

© 2012 Bridget Cameron

14 comments on “NATURE’S TONIC

  1. Dear bridget many thanks for the lovely poetry i adore
    natures tonic my frirst one best too beautiful many thanks love and light karen x


    • Yes, you are so right Zukakezo! It is a shame and so sad 😦 that greedy wealthy people put profits ahead of health, peace of mind, clean water, air and quality of life! It is as a ‘collective’ that we must speak out against such atrocities and play our part to preserve nature :).

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      • Whereas we know that disaster will come back to us, if we ignore nature, but because of the indifference of the future, and because of being pressured by life needs, people are not afraid to destroy nature.

        I agree, that we should speak more loudly voicing about the preservation of nature, about the dangers of ignoring nature to people who are “deaf ” to the benefits of nature 🙂


        • Yes, you are right in that people are generally not good at long-term planning, as they are generally living only ‘today’! I know that it is a sad fact that many people will destroy the environment to help with life needs, yet they only get a pittance of what the CEO’s and big corporations that come to make profit from the environmental destruction get. Many are in ‘denial’ and justify what they do as necessary! What the World needs is a better welfare state, where the wealthy pay more taxes ( legislations to prevent loopholes and the avoidance of tax paying, and off shore accounts which accrue no taxes) as the World is primarily not manufacturing/industrial anymore (now in India and China, but as they get wealthier it will move to Africa), and most life-sustaining jobs are paid little, if anything at all. As we are in a ‘technological age’ technology takes away many of the jobs that once were. If people were given a decent welfare payment and given opportunity to educate themselves ( at little cost, a cost mad through the government) then everyone would have enough to eat, could afford housing and other needs and would have the ‘know how’ to become financially independent or help out in the communities in which they live. It is the unequal distribution of wealth and the ‘top heavy’ paypackets ( in the last 40 years CEO’s paypackets have increased 300-350 times the wages of their employees, and as the poorer work long hours for less wages, the wealthiest 1% get richer and richer, adding to more people getting poorer, and further degradation of the environment. You know it only takes and area the size of Spain of solar panels to provide all the energy needs of this world -and we have the tecnhology for solar cars and water injection cars- without the need for fossil fuels, uranium and such.. The solutions is simple, yet the ‘powers that be’ the wealthiest with invested interests in the destruction of our environments, are holding us back, and don’t seem to have the ‘conscience’ to change. Recently, the World Bank president, suggested that shareholders start investing in clean energy because of green house gases and a dying earth. So, hopefully there is a trickle down effect, yet there is power in numbers so it is up to the majority to speak out against such destruction! We can play our part and hope that we do something before it is too late! Nature is our ally, we are nature and it is time to give something back! 🙂

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          • Everytime I see the destruction of nature, I felt we were walking towards the end of the world, and everytime rains fall and revive the green nature, I feel like to live forever with nature 🙂 yes I so agree, we need nature for survival !

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    • Nature did it all for me. I was in the Meander Forest Reserve in NE Tasmania, soaking up nature. The log you see in this photo is where I sat for about an hour, listening to the stream and the quiet activities of possum, lizard, and birds..It’s a truly magical place :).


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