HOW DO I CREATE? My creative process.



I was asked this question by my dear friend Eiry Rees Thomas, author of The Flitwits She wanted to know how I created, my exact creative process, and thought that my answer would be good for others to know also.

So here’s my response… Generally my images are spontaneous, that is, I feel moved to create and create from my imagination. Other times, I sit on something that caught my imagination, and I think about it, feel it, and sometimes use other sources of references to fine tune my ultimate creation.  I read a lot and assimilate as I go, never knowing when some seeds may be sprouted. Quite often images come to me when I look at the moon, and I future creations, then I dream more about it, and when the time is ripe, ‘out it pops!’

My writings are like that too, especially my poetry, which generally pops out as I’m writing it, yet was formed already in my dream state prior to its manifestation. With longer writings, I use this same spontaneous process, but dream, research and think a lot about it, before I write. At times it needs no editing, it just flows out perfectly, and other times, editing is needed to give it a more sound structure or to make it flow/ sound better.  I like to read it aloud, to hear inconsistencies, as music and rhythm is important. Some works need quite a lot of editing, in order to remove the superfIuous and/or inauthentic tones.

It is important to be critical of one’s work, in order to improve it. However, knowing when to stop analysing and critiquing is essential, as it can really dampen the process; take the joy out of it, and lead to more mistakes, that need to be rectified, leading down a spiral of more corrections. I do this sometimes, when I am too much in my ‘head’ or tired or in lots of pain. Knowing when to stop, is essential to the path of any writer/creator, as I don’t think we should take the joy out of our creations. Acceptance and letting go are part of that process too.

In a nutshell: Trust in ‘self’ and the creative process!

Happy creating!  Bridget Cameron :).

6 comments on “HOW DO I CREATE? My creative process.

  1. That’s a beautifully written piece, Bridget, that conveys so much about you and your diverse creative talents. It’s so good to picture the person behind creations of beauty. Even though I know you rather well by now, I learned more through the processes that you outline: what motivates you; what drives you; spontaneity versus analysis by degree etc. I totally relate to your last paragraph and will abide by it more stringently, since I’m aware that I need to.
    Galactic Conception set me thinking and I find that stimulating. I like the simplicity of its presentation. It can be interpreted in many ways but I quite like the suggestion of rebirth. It’s one of my favourites 🙂


    • Thanks Eiry. I’m glad that you understand a little more about my processes now ;). Galactic Conception was a spontaneous piece, and I’m glad you liked it! I had fun playing around with the sparkly colours and simple lines, and it was created relatively quickly. The biggest sparkly head is like a sperm that ignites conception-the creative process- ( whether that be thought, word, feeling), and as we are all made of star-dust, we have our part to play in this creation. I like your rebirth interpretation.


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