Life on the Threshold. Do we choose Life or Death?

“We are at the point of return from gross to subtle, from glamorous to gracious, from hedonism to healing, from conquest of the Earth to conservation of Nature, and from quantities of possessions to quality of life.” ~ Satish Kumar, E.F. Schumacher Foundation

I love that quote and would love to believe that it was really true. Whilst ever we are run on Keynesian economics, and since the advent of free-market enterprise in the ’80′s and the consequences of this-economic rationalism and the casualisation of the workforce- we can not achieve this.

CEO’s of Corporations such as The World Bank, Media Magnates through NewsCorp International, Mining and Deforesation CEO’s will do whatever they can to exploit the natural environment and the poor for their own profits.

When the majority of people are ignorant and are motivated by fear, consumerism and what is popular, they will believe the lies and rhetoric of the financial giants that purport these beliefs and whose best interests are not for the majority. They are causing the wealthiest to get richer and the poorer to get poorer at the expense of the environment in which we live. Belief in consumerism, “must have this, must have that!” highlights an ‘inner void’ that is never satisfied and does not produce happiness.

I’d  like to think that there was an window of opportunity for transformation in the 1960′s, yet the very ‘baby boomers’ who preached love, communal living and started environmental movements, are the wealthiest people on the planet today!

Just 3 weeks ago, the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority gave authority to Gina Rinehart (the richest woman in the world) to create the world’s largest coal mine at Abbott Point, only 50 km’s north of the Whitsunday’s! Was it a bribe? Was it due to force? Australian’s have been fighting this cause from the beginning of its industrialisation, and want no part of it, as eocide is not on, and with the loss of tourism and fish stock, it makes no sense. Even now funds are being raised to take this decision to court and hopefully gain justice through a High Court injunction. But how can we compete against multi billionaire mining magnates? We must through our intentions and actions, fight for what is right!

You can help out with financial contributions here:–3/the-fight-for-the-reef/fuel-the-fight?


Coral Sea Sunrise

The list goes on with environmental exploitation; drilling in the Arctic Circle, Russia, Mexico, deforestation of the Congo and Amazon Basins, Borneo, Sumatra,  Indonesia, Australia, USA, Canada, Madagascar…

It is up to all of us to participate in protecting Life! We have the technology to ‘go Green’ and people are going solar, or utilising wind power to reduce carbon impact-which is fantastic and timely- yet ‘the powers that be’ have invested interest in fossil fuels and the timber industry, and will do anything to gain profits from these until they run out, and then it will be too late! Have you looked at Google Earth lately? Zoom down and check out the destruction. It is not pretty!

In this age of distraction, which includes very sophisticated strategies to strengthen ‘consumer mind’ and behaviour, it is vital to rise above it, become aware, dig for ‘the truth’, to feel and to do something about natural destruction! We can contribute through our hearts and our minds, through our intentions, affirmations, prayer, positive actions and through our collective activism.  We must waken from the slumber and protect the EARTH! Can you see the words HEAR and HEART in the word EARTH? They are the keys to our transformation.

We cannot continue our collective denial, in our unthinking/unfeeling ways.  For, if we continue in our bombastic, chauvanistic, competitive, hedonistic, greedy ways, there will be no Earth in 100 years!

It is up to us, each and every one of us, to stand firm in our convictions, to ‘Go Green’ and to fight for our environment, so that we may have clean air, fresh water, forests… If we destroy our ocean and forests, there will be no air to breathe, nor food to eat. If we destroy our natural heritage, there will be none for future generations, if there are to be future generations.

Agony of Gaia4

The Agony of Gaia, depicts Mother Earth as a mountain, lying on her side in agony, as heavy equipment tears into her to remove coal, by Jeff Chapman-Crane.

“Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it.”  David Suzuki.

Have you watched Carl Sagan’s, Cosmos? I suggest you do. This is an introduction to the documentary on youtube:  You can buy a copy of it at Amazon, or borrow it from your local library.

It’s an excellent documentary that talks of the oneness of the universe, and how each and every one of us, and everything is connected; if something affects one part, then it affects everything.  He talks of our nuclear power and of our environmental destruction, and how this is very poignant as we are on the threshold. We have the power to choose wisely. Do we choose life or death for this planet? I know that I choose LIFE! Let us heal this planet together! It is up to US ALL!

Save the planet, Earth hug drawing. Cute cartoon Earth Day vector ...

yours consciously, Bridget Cameron

13 comments on “Life on the Threshold. Do we choose Life or Death?

  1. I’m glad you decided to post this here in your blog, Bridget, and that you found Jeff Chapman-Crane’s sculpture as evocative as I (and others who have seen it, no doubt) have. I’ll be sharing the post-link. Big Love, Jamie


  2. Lovely, Bridget. I did share the link to your post via Twitter and Facebook, so perhaps some will follow it here to your blog to see the post. That’s a beautiful image you’ve created, too … so vibrant and alive. Thank you for posting and sharing. Big Love, Jamie


    • Thanks Jamie. I just love coral reefs, and it is vital that we do something to stop their complete devastation before it is too late. Already 50% of reefs have been destroyed in the last 30 years through coral bleaching( increased sea temperatures from global warming), dynamite, fertilizer runoffs from rivers, mining and crown of thorn starfish munchings. Are we to create a new Eocene? I hope not. We must act now!


  3. Bridget, yes indeed, in fact I wrote a song for my first grandson 20 something years ago that said similar things about the destruction of our forests and the terrible consequences of the shortsighted, corporate approach to our environment and its exploitation. 😦

    Cheers 😀


    • It’s great that you wrote that song for your grandson, and opened his eyes to the reality of the situation. I think Tony Abbott and his cronies hit the jackpot for the most environmentally exploitative. We have to really fight for what is right, and educated the ignorant! 🙂


      • Bridget, I couldn’t agree more, 😀 the problem is, it’s a big job to educate the public, when their main sources for information are well and truly tainted. 😦

        But then that’s why we do what we do, in the hope that in our own small way, we might help make a difference 😉

        keep up the good work 🙂

        Cheers 😀


    • Thank you for your contribution Theresa <3. I've done lots of tree planting, growing and weeding for trees and bush for life too, and much advocacy for the environment over many years! I think yesterday saw a wonderful breakthrough at the Brisbane G20, with both China and the USA ( the two worst polluters) agreeing to cap their carbon emissions by 2030! But what about now! The Eu have joined in too! Tony Abbott, still is a climate change skeptic and a huge embarrassment to the rest of the world, and is bent on destroying everything 'naturally good' in this country for a bonus for himself and his cronies! That is why he removed all environment protection acts from legislation as soon as he got into power! It's a shame that there are so many ignorant people in Australia, yet I don't hear anyone owning up to voting for him! Maybe he is the wake up call that Australia needs!
      Right now a huge cloud of methane hangs over the USA with all of the fracking going on there! Methane is even more poisonous than carbon! It appears that the majority of the world's population are wanting a renewable energy target and a greener and cleaner planet. Unfortunately, the greedy bastards with invested interest in the fossil fuel industry are still destroying this planet. Yet, there is hope, as many countries are going 'green' and not wanting to use fossil fuels (as we are choking and things are dying), so even the rich mining bastards will have to change sides if they want to make profits! For, the present however, they are just trying to make as much profit as possible before the shift. Let's hope the shift occurs soon! 🙂


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