Southern Dart-Skipper Butterfly delight

Southern Dart-Skipper Butterfly delight

I was walking around some Wetlands yesterday, taking in the magnificent watery views with its abundance of wildlife. It was a buzz watching ducks and water fowl swimming and having fun, whilst magpie larks, parrots and pigeons glided on high or nestled in tall branches. I decided to investigate further and began to walk through the marshes where ducks nested and dragonflies and butterflies played. It was here, that I spotted this Southern Dart, Ocybadistes walkeri hypochlora, so small, yet so intricate and lovely. Once home I could zoom in and check out all of its fine details, and now I share this lovely little butterfly with you. 🙂

8 comments on “Southern Dart-Skipper Butterfly delight

    • Thank you Paula. These darts are only about 6mm from tip to tip, so it’s always a lovely surprise to see what they actually look like close-up. Skippers are challenging to photograph as they rarely stay in one spot for more than a few moments, and because they are so small, by the time you zoom in and get a focus they are gone! So, yes, I’m lucky that this one was gorging on nectar and enjoyed having its photo taken :)..


  1. Your efforts are exactly what I have been talking about: “feelings on film”. The gentle butterfly photo is lovely to be sure, but more than that; it is a near- spiritual experience. Now, lest I be branded as some sort of a strange and weird person, I’ll add this: there is so much in nature that touches the soul but in this noisy and busy world so much is lost due to the clutter of onslaught on our senses. That’s where a camera can be our transport into that serene and wonderful world of peace and Shalom.
    Shalom ~ we need it so much!
    Have you ever had this experience? Walk the aisles of a supermarket, shelves filled with so many choices and enticements to our original grocery list; then, the boom, boom, boom and all other ugly sounds of what the world classes as “music” simply fractures our brain. Not soothing, it makes it so difficult to look for the things we came for.
    Some folks can tune out. For me that is far more difficult. If only they would lay off that so-called “music” so I could think and peacefully choose! If only!
    My camera helps me into that quiet world. When I am out in nature, singularly focusing on something exquisitely beautiful; a picture I wish to preserve and share, it is thru the lens that I’m momentarily lost in the wonder of it all!
    Bridget, you’ve done that! Thank you!


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