Come on down, to the garden,
the garden of the sea.

Where coral life breathes,
just like leaves.

With colours of abundance,
that we should not make redundant.

Rich purples, pinks, yellows,oranges and lime,
let’s not let it turn to slime.

Where angel fish, lion fish, damsel fish do,
shark, cetacean,shell and worm make a home,too.

Where crystal clear reflections, refract in rainbow hues,
let’s do our part to keep it clean, now let’s take our cue.

© 2013 Bridget Cameron

6 comments on “GARDEN OF THE SEA

    • Thank you dear Jamie and you are welcome. I’m glad you can feel the ocean rhythms and that this image is reminiscent of you doing wuji gong. It’s always good to feel ‘the rhythms’ and to move the energy around the body. I love doing my own meditation/dancing sythesizing what I leaned of Qi gong, yoga, Arabian Dance, Pan Eurthymy, Flamenco, modern and tribal. My daughter says, I look weird doing it, but I feel great! Remember that song, The Rhythm of life? ” feel the tingle in your fingers, feel the tingle in your feet…’cause the rhythm of life is a powerful beat! ” ha ha… Here’s another feeling poem and image that you may enjoy, take care, .


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