Sun Dew Magic (Drosera palida)

Sun Dew Magic (Drosera palida)

Now, that the rains have come and Winter is here, Sun Dews have emerged, much to my delight. I just love watching their sticky pink tentacles capture the morning dew and their dinner. This particular Sun Dew is Drosera pallida, otherwise known as the Pale Rainbow, and I can see why. Watching the sunlight refract from its sticky tips, creates an abundance of miniature rainbows 🙂 <3.

6 comments on “Sun Dew Magic (Drosera palida)

  1. The Sun Dews can spell magic. You’ve proved this once again thru a livid photograph. I wonder how long did you wait till all the tentacles capture a dew drop each and then a backlit glow play a magical hue on them! Just see how beautiful is Nature— we can vie for imitating it but cannot. Best regards..


  2. Thank you so much. As the morning was sprinkled with dew, it wasn’t difficult to wait for each tentacle to be saturated, as most already were. However, getting in the right position (proximity and right backdrop) to capture what I had in my mind, and to wait for the sun to sprinkle the dew, and to create that ‘voila’ moment, took some time. It is a hand-held shot at only 3 mm from the subject, and I focused primarily upon the cup shape to give clarity there, and then slightly moved the camera when I shot the picture; so that I could capture as many rainbows as possible via that movement in that momentary moving light. I was quite drenched from my observations, but I think it was well and truly worth it! 🙂


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