Pink Sun Orchid Beauty

pink sun orchid perfection macro small for email by Bridget Cameron

I love walking through the Bush in the Spring and discovering many of nature’s beauties.  This Salmon Sun Orchid Thelymitra rubra, is one such beauty, that inspires me with awe each Spring. I just love them! ❤

8 comments on “Pink Sun Orchid Beauty

    • Thanks Eiry. It has been a hobby of mine these last 6 years to learn everything I can about our native orchids, and other native locally grown flowers, as a means to document them and hopefully preserve them. Much of our native forests have been destroyed and most people are not even aware of the delicate nature and beauty of our native plants. I have volunteered for Trees and Bush for Life and have learnt much through their workshops and out in the field. I have also been privileged and blessed to make friends with Rosemarie Taplin ( bumped into her on one of my walks), who works as a Botanist at the Botanic Gardens of SA and at the State Herbarium. She has an instant recall (memory) of over 200,000 species, so she is a living fossil and a great resource. I joined NOSSA (Native Orchids of S A) for a while, as I met their Director on one of my long walks, and he has used one of my photos as a cover for a DVD of South Australian Orchids, that they sell, thus am glad that it can be used to promote our beautiful, yet rare orchids! 🙂


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