Nature’s Tune

Carole with dog at Wigglies Waterhole, N.T. Australia.

Carole with dog at Wigglies Waterhole, N.T. Australia.

5 comments on “Nature’s Tune

    • I think John that life makes us all tired, and quite often the preparations for a vacation, the anxiety of going somewhere different, the journey there and back, the break of our routines et al, can make us more exhausted, and many a time just relaxing at home can be more relaxing then a vacation! And, you’ve got the wedding on your mind too, which is one of the most exhausting experiences anyone can go through! When I was 14 I helped organise my sisters wedding, make dresses, organise the flowers, guest list, invitations, reception, meals etc, took months. Finally, when it was all over, I swore to myself that I would never go through that again, just for one day! So, my partner and I celebrated our union together in a beautiful natural location, swam with dolphins, watched the sunset, and the moon rise, whilst a rainbow formed between them, just us and nature, the best wedding present we could give ourselves! What I meant by this poem, is the actual time in nature, when we relax and tune in to the natural rhythms without the worries of everyday life. When we can watch a sunset with peace in our hearts and look at the moon and go Ahhhhhh… All the best with your wedding on the 8th and the many years you will have together 🙂 ❤


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