Mt Abu people embrace me by Bridget Cameron small for emaiMyself, when I was 20, and some Mt Abu (Rajasthan, India) people share.

To live life with a compassionate and loving heart, to see all people, animals and life as brothers and sisters, to share with kindness and to remove all fear of death, knowing that it is only a transition. These are the keys to our redemption.  We are a dream, part of the greater dream, and our consciousness moves through time…

I think all we need is 50.01% of the population with the power to say ‘no’ to governments, corporations, magnates and media greed and deception, for a change of consciousness to occur on this planet! It’s this thought that keeps me sane. Let’s be the very best we can be, and build a better dream together!  🙂 <3.

8 comments on “UNITED WE STAND

    • Thanks Rajiv! When you have the time and money, take the opportunity to go to Mt Abu, as It is well worth the visit. I have many fond memories of the beautiful people, town and location, and I’d like to return there again one day! 🙂

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          • I live in Gurgaon. Delhi is too expensive. Leh, I believe, is still fantastic. I hope they don’t let tourists screw it up, like the way they screwed up the town I went to school


            • I can understand what you say about Delhi being too expensive. Well, at least you are near Delhi, if you need supplies, or access to transport routes, entertainment and such :). I also hope that tourism doesn’t spoil Leh. Fortunately, it is in the Himalayas which makes it difficult to get too, as it all depends on good weather and such. I also like to travel unspoiled paths off the beaten track! blessings, 🙂


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