Little things matter


Cabbage White Butterfly (Pieris rapae) drinks nectar from onion weed.

How often do we dismiss the ‘little things’, especially if they are common?  In our busy lives, we often forget to ‘stop and to smell the flowers’.  It’s a shame, because there is so much intricate and delicate beauty in the smallest life, and this vulnerability deserves respect!

I went for a walk along a local creek, and found a shady spot to listen to bird and insect choruses. It was here, that I watched this butterfly dance and feed upon the flowers. It was such simple delight!  🙂  ❤

10 comments on “Little things matter

  1. Absolutely, some, if not most of the precious moments in life can be experienced in the little things there are in our everyday routine. Love this message and can I just say, I am in deep awe of your blog look, entirely, the design, theme… looks really good, I feel more inspired visiting you and perhaps some day I will reflect the same at Humanity Lives On. Thank you. – Cezane


  2. Yes! I am happy you are inspired by by blog ‘look’, as I am not at all mainstream, and never intend to be, and I create all of the images, poetry, videos, music within it , so it is uniquely myself! :). I am very much inspired by beauty, that is my ‘thing’. Your blog looks good too, so my suggestion to you is to keep doing what you love doing, and just be yourself and create what makes you happy, blessings, Bridget :).


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