Let’s create a better world together!


Children dressed up for a Nativity Play at a local school. Children still have hope, let’s not take it away from them! 🙂

I write this in response to many friends who are appalled at Donald Trumps victory in becoming President elect of the United States of America, and fear what will happen in 2017 when he takes the reigns!

Please don’t feed into the negativity and hate, as you will only give power to him and the parasites that are only interested in themselves and the power and wealth that they can gain from others suffering!  Instead focus on love and togetherness, and work together for good outcomes! Many great things happen by ordinary people, focus on these good deeds!

I’m sorry to say Americans, that this election outcome has been coming to the USA for a long time! The electorate get what they deserve, unfortunately! We reap what we sow…Americans have been living in an illusionary ‘me first’, ‘Americans are best’, ‘we are the most military powerful nation in the world’, ‘us versus them’, and ‘over the top Nationalism’ ethos and mentality for a long time! The fact is America is not number one, China is more economic and plays a more important role globally, and we are One World!

This election has proved that America is a divided nation, with much poverty, racism, inadequate housing to many, inequality, huge demarcations between the wealthy and poor, a struggling education system and a pitiful health system which denies many the right to good health; although Obama tried hard to rectify this! I add here, that this is not only true in America!

Donald Trump managed to get ‘non-voters’ voting, by telling these disenfranchised groups what they wanted to hear! Why isn’t it compulsory to vote in the USA? It’s a shame that so many are ignorant and naively follow a business man with no conscience, and on the ‘war path’, yet the majority are ‘sheep’ buy into ‘fear tactics’ and ‘rhetoric’ and are easily led to the slaughter house! It’s the shadow government, the media, a handful of wealthy families and a handful of banks that ‘run the show’, and Presidents are merely puppets!

We live in times when the world is becoming more fascist, and many of the same elements are in play as prior to WW11! It is only through a collective effort, that we can rise from the trash and embrace a ‘wholistc/holistic’ and ‘collective We’, where we can override the negativity and fear, winner/loser mentality and rise from our collective ashes into a phoenix directed by love! Do we really need leaders that act merely as puppets to the powers that control them? Why are there so many secrets? We must govern ourselves, know and embrace our own ‘power’, then we will choose the best candidates for serving the public!

We must continue to live in our ‘hearts’ and to question the ‘powers that be’ and to question what we read and see in the media, as the majority is  biased, and rhetoric aimed to put fear into the public (that is why horrific stories are repeated over and over again) and we must work together for peace, what is right and humanly possible! There needs to be a change in our Keynesian economics- which does not work in the 21st century- and perhaps never did, as the Earth has finite resources which rules out perpetual growth!

There is definitely ‘power in numbers’, and there is much to gain from positive values! We, together create the reality we perceive and create here on Earth, and it is up to us to dream and create a better dream and reality! Let’s create a better World together!  Let’s do it for our children!  Bridget Cameron

6 comments on “Let’s create a better world together!

  1. Bridget, I expressed similar feelings briefly right after the election. What is needed is patience, courage, and compassion. And you are fully right about the media’s influence and unfortunately the ignorance of people who fell for Trump. I firmly believe though, that this country, despite it’s well earned negative karma, has a wealth of strong spiritual practitioners from traditional Hopi dancers to Buddhist lamas, and real spiritual Christians and Muslims, Hindus, and Jewish people. This is just a passing challenge in the history of a still young country. We already have an example of the new grassroots unity that will be forged with what happened at Standing Rock. It will grow. Have a wonderful holiday.


    • I’m glad that you are more positive :). You are the first out of all my American friends! 🙂 Yes, you are right, in that great strength comes from spiritual traditions and grassroots movements. America’s First Nations people will show the way, as will the non-violent traditions from different faiths! Often it is when things are hardest- and it will become more difficult for a greater number of people under Trump- that humanity comes together and shows a healthier and more compassionate face :). We must collectively overcome the urge to succumb to fear and actions that dehumanise and disenfranchise humanity. The current mass exterminations going on in Syria, the breaking away of Britain from Europe, the ongoing fighting in the middle east, Putin, North Korea and China’s looming presence, is enough for anyone to feel uncomfortable, and now Trump with his draconian and warring ideals! I believe that we are on a positive time line however, and no matter what these tyrants want and expect, they will be sadly disappointed and defeated, as people rise up in love ❤ 🙂 Thanks for the holiday blessings, I bless you and your loved ones too!

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  2. Thankyou Bridget for your uplifting words. I agree wholeheartedly with what you have said. Worry doesn’t change but positive loving ideals do. When we are confronted with things we do not want, the contrast causes us to realise a better way. Then we strive to achieve.

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  3. Thank you, Bridget, for sharing this reflection. The population here in the U.S. is 318.9 billion people, and apparently a majority of voters did vote for Hillary Clinton (though the electoral votes went in Mr. Trump’s favor). Perhaps there’s some reason to be encouraged by even that one bit of info. Lots of fear got stirred up here leading into and through the election, and since — the shared field is thick with it. People of good heart and humane conscience have our work cut out for us, it seems. It’s definitely a wise message you share – don’t feed into the negativity and hatred (there’s more than enough of that floating around – you can feel it!). Lots of love and happy Season to you. xo


    • I know that a certain amount of the votes were ‘rigged’ Jamie, and the same thing happened here in Australia during our current right winged( Liberals)term( Tony Abbott and now Malcolm Turnbull). Tony got in by paying Rupert Murdoch, $800 million to post ‘vote Tony Abbott Prime Minister’ on the front pages of major newspapers prior to the election,even though he had no policies that he would tell the public, and a past history of abuse, bullying and a diagnosis as a sociopath! Yet, the USA has a ‘negative karma’ that needs to be addressed, and having so many people discontented with ‘politics in general’ enough to vote for Trump – US citizens love ‘sensationalism’ and ‘showbiz’- showed the disparities and the desperation within the USA! Maybe this shock will cause many Americans to get a reality check and to seek a more positive way forward! I hope so! We live in extremely tumultuous times with the ‘powers that be’ aka ‘the shadow government’ creating further division and fascist rhetoric (they will do anything to hold onto their power and create dissent in order to control the resources and the masses), yet I believe that we must search for the truth, as only then, will we be ‘set free’ and that if we ‘come together in unity and love’ recognizing the magnificence of diversity ( instead of demoting it and promoting uniformity) and embrace this, then ‘We’ the Earth citizens will have a positive paradigm shift! We are also on the ‘threshold’ of entering into the Greater Community beyond our world, thus it is vital that we find truth and unity now! Yes, indeed, people like yourself have a huge responsibility and task ahead, to break down the fear! My thoughts and blessings are with you, keep positive, and lots of love to you and yours! Thanks for your season’s greetings, I wish the same for you! xox


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