Redefining Values


Bottom line economics and business as usual is not the answer, it is the problem!

If we can learn anything from this Covid-19 Pandemic, it is that ‘business as usual’ is destroying this planet!

We must redefine our values, and recognize and prioritize what is truly valuable for life!

It is wonderful to note that pollution is right down, and that nature is fighting back. We can see the Himalayas for the first time in decades; noise pollution is down 40% and birds and animals are coming back! :).

We are being given a ‘ GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY’ to re- evaluate what is truly valuable: family, community, healthy environments, clean water, fresh air, biosphere, LIFE!

Now is the time, for us to come together and plan a new future! We can re-orientate our way of doing things for the benefit of the whole,  instead of the few, and the ‘bottom line’!

Do we care enough for the planet and each other, to UNITE and make a better and healthier world?

To know what is truly valuable, and to prioritize those values, thereby creating new systems, where we put healing the Earth number 1!  We can also heal ourselves, our families, our communities, each other.

We can each play our role to lessen ‘human garbage pollution’ and to create happier and healthier lifestyles; where we SLOW DOWN long enough, to smell the flowers, to watch the sunsets, and enjoy life more.

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The way to the SOLUTION.

Instead of asking how much can we get? Ask, how much do we truly need?   ❤