About Bridget

Hello, my name is Bridget Cameron.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to my blog. I do hope my blog inspires you.

Bridget with her butterfly painting.

me with my painting, Emergence.


I’m a poet, photographer, artist, writer, musician, counsellor …  I see beauty in nature, in people. I like to document my discoveries by poetry, photo’s, through my paintings, fractal art, music and other writings.

I love to help people too, and am a spiritual, stress, depth and vocational counsellor, as well as an advocate for people with disabilities of all kinds.

I also perform live poetry/storytelling/visual projections at Festivals, work in education, and stage poetry/writing workshops for all ages. :).

My artworks are in many private collections around the globe, and my poetry, articles, photos and illustrations are published in many books, journals, magazines, e-zines and, websites worldwide.


I have read and performed my poetry in many countries, and have had multiple poetry/art exhibitions (fine art, digital art, photographic, poetry and projections) in South Australia: Nature Talk, Linked Realities, Celebration, and digital poetry/art exhibitions in Paris 2013 and New York Exposure Exhibition 2013/2014, PhotoCat exhibition, Amsterdam 2017/8.

dust magic small for email

FAIRY DUST MAGIC: Me with some children at my Fairy Fantasy Workshop

I also love dancing and playing my own compositions on the piano, and have a youtube channel, Bridget Cameron’s Blessings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBlzt55dkN96UWhJTDhkLPA of my SOUL MEDITATION MUSIC and videos, to help people relax and find some peace of mind. 🙂

Being creative is my ‘joie de vivre’. I love to have fun and to make others happy too.



“Bridget’s voice is distinctive with a clear positive message, which needs to be heard in this frail world of ours today.” John Cussadia, author of The Public Service, believe it or not, poet.

”Bridget Cameron’s Art is exquisite and amazing!” Kirsty Nicholls, Master of Nutrition Medicine, Australian College of Holistic Medicine.

“Bridget’s poetry and art are lovely and beautiful. She really has a Renaissance woman in her. ”  Cathy De Wolf, artist.

” Bridget’s poetry acts as a catalyst to assist people to love themselves more and come from their own inner beauty, wisdom and truth of being.” Soluntra King, author of Light Body Awakening and Gateways to Unity.

“Bridget Cameron’s grace and words are evident from the start. Her warmth, generosity and unique insight can refill your cup. Her powerful, forthright and courageous vision is inspirational.” Tully Barnett, Phd English Lit and Philosophy, Research Fellow, Flinders University.

“Oooh, wow, how magic your art. I love so much, love you my sister, amazing! thanks xoxo:)):))))) Sherry Farrant Nakalevu, Aboriginal Dancer/Activist.

”Bridget is an artist! What a wonderful gift from God she has! ” Swati Dave-Sharma, Doctor/Assistant Administrator, Endocrinology, New York, Presbyterian Hospital.

*                               *                             *

coral sea sunset by Bridget CameronCoral Sea Sun Rise


Teachers say….
“Bridget’s not just an author and illustrator, she is a storyteller and performer who really captivates and engages children. Bridget has a clear understanding of the interests in children and their delight in stories. The children really enjoyed her stories, illustrations and her presentation. Thanks.” Margaret Stockley, librarian/year 4/5 teacher.
” Just captivating! I loved Bridget’s wonderful stories and illustrations that she shared with the children. Here expression was beautiful, and the children were engaged and motivated. They loved her.” Kellie Spooner, year 2-4 teacher.
” Bridget is amazing! It was such a delight to have such a talented author/illustrator come into our school. Such high calibre incursions are rare! ” Norma Cruse, year 3/4/5 teacher.
” Bridget is a trailblazer! I am thrilled and inspired by Bridget’s stories, illustrations, poetry, dancing and the mandalas the children created!” Helene Komoll, reception/year 1 teacher.
” Bridget is so talented. She really knows what she is talking about, and there is so much depth to what she does.” Malcolm McNicoll, year 9-11 teacher.

Children say…

” Your stories are the best stories I have ever heard!” William, aged 7
” You have great imagination inside your mind.” Hayley, aged 6
You’re a great artist. Your colours are so bright! Taite, aged 4
” I love the voices you use when you tell your stories.” Adam aged 5
” I loved your story, Amelia and Big Blue, best of all!” Conrad, aged 8
” I can’t wait to read your book, Thunder, and the Guardians of the Threshold!” Jason aged 13

dragon in Thunder revised

Illustration from Thunder and the Guardians of the Threshold



-A Winner in the PhotoCat Schilt Publishing International Photographic Competition, Amsterdam, Holland 2017, and included in PhotoCat book and Exhibition, Amsterdam 2017/8.

-Winner of the Native Orchids of South Australia DVD cover competition 2011.

-Winner of Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board Photo competition 2010.

-Winner of the Brumbies Sandwich filler recipe National Competition 2010.

-Short-listed in the Art-for-a-new-age online International Art competition, 2000.

-Winner of the Nican Snap out of it, National Photographic Competition 1996, which saw my photographs and poems made into posters, calendars and in a National touring exhibition and my promotional material used in campaigns for people with disabilities for 3 years.

-Winner of the Kodoko Trophy, West Torrens Camera Club 1994

-Honorary Award C.G.F.N.S ( Nursing Graduates)

-Runner-up in the SA Flash Dance competition 1985

all together family shot small for emailMe on Mother’s Day with my family 🙂 ❤

                                                                      *                        *                       *

From time to time I will add something new to this blog, which I hope will inspire you, help you, make you think, or dream, or even laugh.  Enjoy!


Thanks and blessings to you, and may your best dreams come true!

Bridget Cameron 🙂  ❤


34 comments on “About Bridget

    • Thank you Paula. This butterfly is one of many that I have painting since I was a child. It is based upon the Australian Admiral Butterfly. I have added my own colour scheme and interpretation. I really love your butterfly paintings, they are exquisite! 🙂


  1. FANTASTIC— it works and well- are you goin to ask people to ‘contribute’ – some blogs are set up like that….Keep it going Bridget. lol valli


  2. I feel a connection with Bridget even though we live oceans apart. Initially that was through the warmth of her personality and our shared insights and experiences. This led to the enjoyment of accessing her incredibly diverse portfolio on line. One day, I might have the pleasure of viewing the original artistry that accompany her spiritual writing and to witness the habitat that generates so much of her portrayals 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bridget, thank you for your invitation, and I do like your art, and I think the idea of writing an accompanying poem describing the piece in verse is an excellent idea 🙂

    Keep up the good work, and I wish you great success 😀

    Cheers 😀


  4. This is an awesome blog! There is so much depth and the quality of your work is superb! It was like finding an unknown spring in a forgotten forest, sparkling and revitalsing, it has rejuvenated my spirit! I am so thrilled that I have found it, and look forward to future contributions.Thank you.


    • You are welcome Des. I would have to agree, even though Chartres gets more attention! I think the ribbed vaulting with all of those stained-glass windows at Sainte Chapelle are indeed impressive! The light appears almost ethereal as it shines through, giving it a lovely aqua/bluey purple hue from a distance, almost akin to the Blue Mountains near Sydney. You may enjoy my Blue and Gold which has a similar feel, in macro. cheers to you, Bridget 🙂


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