Rainbow prismatic dew magic


When rainbows whisper, magic happens, the bright colours of nature dance free.”  Carly Dugmore

rainbow prismatic dew drops sfe by Bridget Cameron

Redefining Values


Bottom line economics and business as usual is not the answer, it is the problem!

If we can learn anything from this Covid-19 Pandemic, it is that ‘business as usual’ is destroying this planet!

We must redefine our values, and recognize and prioritize what is truly valuable for life!

It is wonderful to note that pollution is right down, and that nature is fighting back. We can see the Himalayas for the first time in decades; noise pollution is down 40% and birds and animals are coming back! :).

We are being given a ‘ GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY’ to re- evaluate what is truly valuable: family, community, healthy environments, clean water, fresh air, biosphere, LIFE!

Now is the time, for us to come together and plan a new future! We can re-orientate our way of doing things for the benefit of the whole,  instead of the few, and the ‘bottom line’!

Do we care enough for the planet and each other, to UNITE and make a better and healthier world?

To know what is truly valuable, and to prioritize those values, thereby creating new systems, where we put healing the Earth number 1!  We can also heal ourselves, our families, our communities, each other.

We can each play our role to lessen ‘human garbage pollution’ and to create happier and healthier lifestyles; where we SLOW DOWN long enough, to smell the flowers, to watch the sunsets, and enjoy life more.

coral page

The way to the SOLUTION.

Instead of asking how much can we get? Ask, how much do we truly need?   ❤


Happy Australia/Invasion Day? Is it a day to celebrate?


HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY? I say this with mixed feelings, and really feel that we should change the date, for to the First Nations Aboriginal peoples of Australia, that have lived here continuously for over 70,000 years,Australia Day, is not a day to celebrate! Many call it Invasion Day for obvious reasons, except for a mob in South Australia who call it Survival Day, a day that acknowledges and reinforces the present and future of aboriginal culture, despite the negative effects of colonisation. I like the name Survival Day better!

Please read: Australian dig finds evidence of Aboriginal habitation up to 80,000 years ago


Madjedbebe site custodian May Nango and excavation leader Chris Clarkson in the pit. Photograph: Dominic O’Brien/Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation

Although aboriginal people were the first custodians of Australia, they were not treated so :(.

Aboriginal people had their land taken from them, many of them were killed, and they were not even considered people until 1967, when aboriginal people were given the right to vote and were granted citizenship!


Why Australia Day?  Australia Day, is the official National Day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.

A painting of Captain-Cook raising the Union Flag on Possession Island on 22 August 1770

Captain Cook raising the Union Flag on Possession Island on 22 August 1770, by John Alexander Gilfillan. Wikimedia


To celebrate a Nation on the basis of raising a flag, to denote ownership of the continent by the British,  ownership which was not theirs to take, was simply part of British imperialism,  a slap in the face to the original and current occupants of the land, some who have been here for at least 70,000 or even up to 80,000 years! No wonder it is otherwise known as Invasion Day!

To sell land, and own it as we know it today, was/is not part of Aboriginal culture or values. Aboriginal people respect/ed their country and treat/ed it as a Mother, who gives/gave them their home! They used the land along different territorial/country borders, which often overlapped, and were often Matrilineal. There were over 500 different aboriginal nations, many with distinctive cultures, beliefs and languages.

First Nations Map/ Indigenous Australia.   Know the language, know the land

Aboriginal people have a spiritual relationship to the land, therefore honored their relationship with the land, lived as best they could within nature’s natural cycles, never taking more than they needed, and thereby keeping the balance.

For, the British,  to stake an imperial claim, stating that they were the first one’s on Australia, which was called Terra Nullius, at the time, because people believed that no one lived there; and to deny the existence of people when they arrived, not even calling them people, but just part of the wildlife, is total arrogance, ignorance and plain right nasty!

Long before European explorers made contact with the Aborigines, the Aborigines of northern Australia had contacts with the Indonesian, Malay and Macassan fishermen who came in search of trade, of trepang (bêche-de-mer, a large edible sea cucumber) and tortoise-shell.

Also, the Dutch had been exploring the Northern Coastline of Australia, and made a brief settlement there, at least 170 years earlier.

To celebrate Invasion Day, is  like having Hitler’s Birthday as Holocaust memorial day!

Invasion Day 2020 Brisbane. Seven to eight thousand march.

And, now it seems that our right wing government don’t even recognise aboriginal people as Australians, according to a current online citizenship test. The question asks, ‘”From what country did aboriginal people come to Australia by boat from?” This sounds to me as though they are trying to equate aboriginal people, as refugee boat people! 

The answer according to our latest Science, is Indonesia/Sumatra, post Mount Toba eruption, 76,000 years ago, and some artefacts made by aborigines found in Kakadu date possibly as old as 80,000 years! First waves of people may have come to Australia, even prior to Mount Toba eruption!

Aboriginal elders in the far north of Northern Territory have stories and have pictographs of Yingana, Creation Mother, carrying lots of dilly bags full of babies, painted by their ancestors. Yingana, is believed to be the first female ancestor who landed upon Australia from the North, thus aboriginal people have been here a long, long, time…

Image result for Yingana creation mother of aboriginals

Yingana, Creation Mother, carrying lots of dilly bags full of babies,  painted by the  aboriginal people of Australia. She is believed to be the first female ancestor who landed upon Australia from the North, approximately 70,000 years ago, post Mount Toga eruption, Sumatra/Indonesia.  Pictograph, c. 20,000 BCE. Gunbalanya, NT, Australia.


Aboriginal people made the most of this harsh land, lived as best as they could in harmony with this land,  knew its seasons, its medicines, where all the waterholes were, they knew the secrets of this land. They have a spiritual relationship with this land, and they are still here!

Image result for the aboriginal flag

This is the Australian Aboriginal Flag ©.

  • Black – represents the Aboriginal people of Australia
  • Yellow circle – represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector
  • Red – represents the red earth, the red ochre used in ceremonies and Aboriginal peoples’ spiritual relation to the land

Image result for captain cook flag raising australia day painting

The Australian Flag © : Made up of a Union Jack( Britain) and the Southern Cross and one pointer only,  Alpha Centauri, that can be seen in the Southern hemisphere.

Why do we still have this flag? Why are we still connected with Britain? Why don’t we recognize the original occupants of Australia? 


Isn’t it time we had Treaty? Isn’t it time we respected the vast knowledge and wisdom of the original long term inhabitants of this land? Isn’t it time we changed the date? It has been celebrated on other days before, why not now, so that we can have a happier Australia Day?


new australian flag

My proposal for the New Australian Flag


First of all we need to get rid of the Union Jack,  as Britain did not treat colonists well either, and Australia has no links with the British parliament anymore.

To have a combination of the Australian aboriginal flag (which would unite us under aboriginal values of respect and spiritual connection to the land and would acknowledge our First Nations people as the original custodians of Australia), with the Southern Cross  (“Eagle’s foot”) and its pointers, both Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri (“Eagle’s Club”),  as it actually is, would value and respect aboriginal people’s cosmology.

The Southern Cross constellation and its pointers, would also represent all the different people who live here in Australia under Southern Skies!

It would also represent our ‘cosmic origins’ as as we are made up of the elements of stars!

When Captain Cook first asked the Australian aborigines where they were from, they pointed up at the stars!

17 - 1


At heart, we should aim for Collaboration and Unity, for separateness does not create harmony, identity, nor shared goals nor dreams!


“Blackfella, whitefella,
It doesn’t matter what your colour
As long as you a real fella
As long as you a true fella…” Warumpi Band


And, let’s get this fact straight! The 26 January 1788 was not when Australia was formed. That happened when Australia became a Federation in 1901, and even more true to the original people of this land, it could be on the anniversary of Terra Nullius being overturned by the Mabo decision in 1992!

There are so many possible better days to celebrate, without the grief of remembering the Imperialist British using Australia as a penal colony for their prisoners- many whom were imprisoned for stealing bread, because they were poor and hungry- and as cover for their denial of the sins and the long suffering genocide (and abuse) of the First peoples of Australia, the Australian Aborigines.

Let’s celebrate our First Nations peoples SURVIVAL!

And,  if we are to still have a public holiday on 26 January, then we should celebrate it for the Rum Rebellion of 1808, which was the only successful armed takeover of government in Australian history. We need more of this thinking, with our corrupt government. Power to the people!

I don’t think it would be very difficult to make another National public holiday, one in which celebrates and recognises the diversity of our First Nations People, and all people that live here in Australia! 🙂

Together, hopefully, there will be more emphasis on collaboration rather than competition in culture at large in the future, as that really seems the best way to survive in the long run, and the way things are in so many areas we really do need to get our collective act together!

Yet, we must put First Nations people at the heart of our Australian identity! Treaty will bring the ‘bridging of heart’ that is needed here, in order for Australia to go forward with pride and true National Identity, celebrating the original peoples of this land and the diversity of all who live in Australia and call Australia home.

Image result for uluru statement from the heart

These facts are for certain, Australia is the oldest continent in the World, with rocks and minerals up to 4.4 billion years old; and has the oldest living culture, the Aboriginal people of Australia, on this planet! This is certainly something to be proud of and needs to be celebrated!

Let’s create a better future together. 🙂 ❤

The Future National Anthem:https://ictv.com.au/video/item/4665?fbclid=IwAR0UdgKNZR8SZksam1bvu34guCA83RfiKfXFo-S2FyJmPjqAUqrbHNgcxIg

” Australians let us all be one with peace and harmony.

Our precious water, soil and sun grant life for you and me.

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts to love, respect and share.

And, honouring the Dreaming, Advance Australia Fair.

Australia, let us stand as one, upon this sacred land.

A new day dawns, we’re moving to trust and understand…..”


The lyrics for this revised anthem were written by Judith Durham, Kutcha Edwards, Lou Bennett, Camilla Chance and Bill Hauritz. In this video clip it is performed by Kutcha Edwards during the KAGE Team of Life theatre production.


© 2020 Bridget Cameron

First Snow

“The first fall of snow is not an event, it is a magical event.”  J.B Priestley

This is my latest meditation video, First Snow. As someone who hasn’t experienced snow very often ( I was caught in a blizzard on top of Mount Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania, once, and I have seen in on top of mountains in NZ, Himalayas and in the Alps),  it was very magical for me.

I was staying in a small cabin in the mountains of Northern Norway, and this was the first snow for the season. If you listen carefully, you can hear some bird song, the wind, and the falling snow. Please sit back and relax to the rhythm of falling snow and the inspiring music. I hope you enjoy!

Blessings, Bridget 🙂



“Letting go isn’t a one- time thing, it’s something that you have to do everyday, over and over again.”  Dawson’s Creek.


Emergence by Bridget Cameron


I’ve been getting rid of clutter from my life, letting go of unnecessary things that only weigh me down. It is something that I like to do as frequently as I can.  Each time I let go of things,  I feel lighter and more focused upon the things that I really enjoy doing.

Sometimes even, I find lost treasures, things that I had forgotten about. Today, I discovered this painting of mine, that has been hiding in the shadows collecting cobwebs, and it filled me with such joy, that I’ve hung it in my bedroom!

It’s quite fitting that it is a newly emerged butterfly, the symbol of freedom! 🙂 ❤


To rise above

“To succeed it is necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it.” Michael Korda

I am always impressed by the sheer size of a pelican and how it can muster the strength to take off and fly. Despite its large size, they are deceptively light. This makes them buoyant and they float effortlessly on the water. And although, they may, at times, have trouble taking off from the water’s surface, they persevere, not allowing themselves to get bogged down in the water :).

cropped wing spread pelican sfe by Bridget CAmeron

An Australian pelican gets ready to fly

Blood moon and Mars encounter brings in a new dawn.

“Each time dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety.”  Rene Daumal

On the morning of 28 July 2018, myself, and lucky observers around the globe, witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime meeting in the sky: the longest “blood moon” eclipse of the 21st century, flanked by a big, brilliant Mars as it heads toward its closest approach to Earth since 2003. 

mars and blood moon sfe by Bridget Cameron 1

Mars and blood moon 28 July 2018


I especially enjoyed watching the lunar eclipse, as the atmosphere was really ‘still’ and quiet. This silence pervaded all, as the eclipse slowly unfolded within the night.

eclipse to blood moon banner

Lunar eclipse 28 July 2018, 2:30-5:55 a.m. Adelaide, South Australia


As the moon turned blood red and was in darkness, a kookaburra broke the silence and announced a new dawn, as the moon slowly began to brighten again, and a new day dawned.

Bridget Cameron 🙂

The look of love


Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” -Maya Angelou

intimate moments cropped by Bridget Cameron sfe.jpg

Rainbow lorikeet courtship

Heart’s Dream


( Dedicated to the love that unites us all)


Before we can return to the light from whence we came,

We must come to terms with the instinctive flow of the universe.




Surf, surf, the waves of life,

up, down, up, down,

swirl in, swirl out, swoosh.

Rip curl, surfing hollow tubes,

tunnel of water flows around me,

I see light all ‘round me.

What an adventure,

a journey through space,

we are time travelers warped by vibration.

In, out, in, out,

up, down, up, down,

wind rides my body,

Fire in my heart!


As morning broke, I lay on the soft green grass in my garden,

Naked under an azure sky, thinking of you,

My Mother of my physicality, Heart of the Earth.

Together, we emote in lovers’ embrace, beloved song of my Heart.

Deep down, I feel your grief, your loss, your suffering, caused by us.

 The ocean and land is dying, the ozone is being depleted, the mass extinction of

Animals and plants, that can never be replaced.

This torments and saddens me, so deeply, intensely and intimately.

I hurt, my heart breaks, and I cry deep tears of sorrow and loss :(…

I also feel your joy and celebration, and know that you feel me too.

With body pressed heavily to Earth, I feel, that,

 this is the purpose of our physicality.

Our ruby lips joined in sensuality,

our presence in the moment.

Together we embrace the passing of time,

Experiencing nature’s ebb and flow, as seasons come and go.

 In this I am most grateful and thankful to you. I love you <3.


CHAKRAS IN FEMALE BODY(LARGE) smaller for blog by Bridget Cameron

Heart love by Bridget Cameron


Am I a flower in a field of weeds, or a weed in a field of flowers?

Or, am I just growing towards the light like everybody else?


We come with love and joy in our Hearts, to this Earth,

So often a place of pain, disappointment and suffering.

We feel the full gamut of emotions, the love, the joy,

 The trauma, the agony and the fragility of our mortality.

We come to learn, to experience, to grieve, to let go of,

This beautiful Life, such Grace,

This painful World, such Tragedy.

Within the paradox I embraced the hope that grief gives us. That is,

The wonder, the magnificence, the miracle of life!

Life that is given to us from the death of stars, for

We are made from the elements created from the heart of dying stars!

And, the recognition that we are more than just flesh,

United we are, within the heart beat that connects everything,

To the threads of consciousness that ignites the cosmic breath.


For, when our final curtain closes,

our elements are recycled back to the Earth, and

our consciousness back to the eternal hum,

as we embrace our new Heart’s Dream journey,

upon the waves of love. It is, love without end… amour sans fin…


© 2018 Bridget Cameron

Adelaide Rosella beauty

“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” Rabindranath Tagore

adelaide rosella cropped sfe by Bridget Cameron

Beautiful Adelaide Rosella ( Platycercus elegans adelaidae)

A little bit of brightness to cheer, on this wet and cold day! It’s a beautiful Adelaide rosella! 

Cosmic Weaver

“Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below, is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below.” Isaac Newton

This adage is traditionally attributed to the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus.

garden orb spider cropped by Bridget Cameron sfe
Australian garden orb weaver spider (Eriophora transmarina) and full moon

I’ve always been fascinated by the symbolism of spiders as master weavers of  destinies, and language, and the similarity of stories between different nations.  She is often called the mother of language and a great storyteller as she weaves her language upon her loom.

Spider’s web is akin to a mandala, the Sanskrit meaning of mandala is circle. The circle is a symbol of perfection, eternity, unity and completeness, and the mandala  is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. In Hindu and Buddhist traditions, the centre represents the beginning point of contemplation of and devotion to the divine.

Creating mandalas help the focusing of attention of practitioners and adepts, and as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, as an aid to meditation and trance induction. In ancient Greek and Roman traditions this central point often signified the self, as it is in Jungian psychology too. It is always at the centre in which we find our calm, and heart- centred sacred space!

Sri-Yantra- mandala

Sri Yantra mandala

Spiders have the extraordinary capability of creating, weaving and spinning their own webs. This ability shows and teaches us the gift of creation. We have the power to create what happens in our lives, to us and to others, by the choices we make. Consequently, we create our own reality according to our thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions, and we make an impact upon the world and universe through our presence.

Existentially, the connection between spider and her web and the cosmos too, is intrinsically and extrinsically linked, as we are all connected through the heartfelt strings of love, the filaments of cosmic web.  They help remind us of our inter-connectedness to all life! Spider is thus, the cosmic weaver, in a cosmic web of universal galaxies. Awesome!  🙂 ❤

The entire Universe can be seen as a cosmic web of galaxies

A simulated galactic cluster threaded through with dark matter

Computer models of the cosmic web indicate it is made up of nodes connected by filmaents, which look strikingly like the structure of the human brain. Image credit: Flickr/ UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences/ Andrew Pontzen and Fabio Governato

Computer models of the cosmic web indicate it is made up of nodes connected by filaments, which look strikingly like the structure of the human brain. Image credit: Flickr/ UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences/ Andrew Pontzen and Fabio Governato

Image result for neurons and galactic cluster comparison

One is only micrometers wide. The other is billions of light-years across. One Shows neurons in a mouse brain. The other is a simulated image of the universe. Together they suggest the surprisingly similar patterns found in vastly different natural phenomena. DAVID CONSTANTINE

Heart Cave


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  Joseph Campbell

“Spiritual life is like living water that springs up from the very depths of our own spiritual experience. In spiritual life everyone has to drink from his or her own well.”   St Bernard de Clairvaux

Natural arch by Bridget Cameron sfe

Natural Arch(Bridge) and waterfall, Queensland, Australia.


“Diving into our darkness,

we find a well of everlasting life.”

© 1992 Bridget Cameron

Feasting Bee

                                                  bee gorging fantasic cropped sfe with sig by Bridget CameronJPG

Bee drinking nectar from Aeonium Gomerense flower

Feasting Bee

I was observing the layers of flowers,

within a newly headed rosette bloom,

when I chanced upon a bee feasting,

and dance upon the blooms.

Her  labor was a tune , bzzz bzzz,

her idleness a boon, and

collecting all that nectar

was a joyful thing to do.  🙂

© 2017 Bridget Cameron

Sparkly Sea

sparkly sea sfe by Bridget Cameron 1


As the shimmering Sea


The more it is exposed

To the sun’s glorious rays

So too

Is our consciousness

More illuminated

When we direct it

Towards the LIGHT!

© 2017  Bridget Cameron

Jeweled Petaled Lotus

“When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.” Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Jeweled petaled lotus

Jeweled petaled lotus


Fire Gazing

“Neither fire nor wind, birth nor death, can erase our good deeds.” Buddha.

Please watch my new video and be mesmerized by fire sprites dancing in the fire’s light, and relax to the rhythm of flames and the hypnotic music :).

It’s the perfect meditation for a cold Winter’s night, and the celebration of the fast approaching Winter Solstice( 21st June) here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Cheers also to those celebrating the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Blessings to all  🙂 ❤

Magpie lark and butterfly

“My heart is like a singing bird.” Christina Rossetti.
Magpie lark and wanderer butterfly

Magpie Lark (Grallina cyanoleuca) and wanderer butterfly( Danaus plexippus).

 I was following a wanderer butterfly and I was fortuitous in catching it alight near a magpie lark 😃.

Day’s End

Relax and watch the changing golden light dance upon the sea, as the day slowly comes to an end; and be inspired by the uplifting and melodious music :).

Ode to beautiful sun orchids

Salmon Sun Orchids (Thelymitra rubra).


Gently swaying in the breeze,

Your faces follow the warm sunlight.

With bright pink sparkled sepals you please,

You are a magnificent sight!

You are a feast to my eyes that you feed,

And, you fill my heart with wondrous delight.

Your simplicity and fragility are rare indeed,

And, to care and protect you is absolutely right!

Thank you sweet orchids for your beauty and ease,

You are certainly a pleasure, it is your birthright…

© 2017 Bridget Cameron

Sea Chant


Relax and be mesmerized by sirens song and ocean waves lapping gently upon the shore, and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful bay…:)

Tranquil Waters


The silence of nature,

soothes the body and soul.

Become as quiet as a lake,

and keep peace with your soul.

© 2017 Bridget Cameron


Magnificent fiery Sky

” Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” Rumi


Fire in the Sky,

Fire in our Hearts,

Let us soar upon the breeze,

and let our soul’s take flight…

© 2017 Bridget Cameron

Golden Evening

Be the Golden One that you are,
in the fullness of the MOMENT,
and let life play itself out gracefully :).

© 2017 Bridget Cameron

I love galahs!

” When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”  Anthony Douglas Williams.


The galah (Eolophus roseicapilla) also known as the rose-breasted cockatoo.

I heard a familiar  ‘wuaaaaaaawk’, and looked out my bedroom window and watched quietly as a couple of galahs rested in the tall blue gum tree in my front garden. They knew that I was there, and for a while quietly observed me :).


They apparently didn’t mind my intrusion and before long they continued with their antics, hanging upside down, feeding, playing and munching on wood.


The term galah is derived from gilaa, a word found in Yuwaalaraay and neighbouring Aboriginal languages, and colloquially we call them ‘cockies’.

It was utterly captivating and delightful watching them and I felt most privileged and blessed as they had allowed me into their precious lives, and hearts. 🙂 ❤

Into the Night

Into the Night

As darkening peachy clouds mourn their day’s goodbye,

and Venus our ‘evening star’ shines her light into the Sky,

as the slowly rising moon bathes us in soft luminescence, we sigh,

and watch her move slowly, way, way, up high,

as we surrender silently to the day that has passed us by,

and go boldly into the night, aye!

© 2017 Bridget Cameron

Peace on the Eve of 2017

As we say goodbye to 2016,  and welcome in 2017, this is a good time to stop and relax and reflect upon the year in passing, and to find the calm and silence within.

To be as still and calm as this tranquil lake, brings peace and awareness, as still waters run deep. I feel grateful to have experienced natures’ bounties on this the Eve of 2017!

I send much love and peace for 2017. May we all find calm and places of great beauty. Blessings to all, Bridget 🙂 ❤


Twilight Beckons


Let’s create a better world together!


Children dressed up for a Nativity Play at a local school. Children still have hope, let’s not take it away from them! 🙂

I write this in response to many friends who are appalled at Donald Trumps victory in becoming President elect of the United States of America, and fear what will happen in 2017 when he takes the reigns!

Please don’t feed into the negativity and hate, as you will only give power to him and the parasites that are only interested in themselves and the power and wealth that they can gain from others suffering!  Instead focus on love and togetherness, and work together for good outcomes! Many great things happen by ordinary people, focus on these good deeds!

I’m sorry to say Americans, that this election outcome has been coming to the USA for a long time! The electorate get what they deserve, unfortunately! We reap what we sow…Americans have been living in an illusionary ‘me first’, ‘Americans are best’, ‘we are the most military powerful nation in the world’, ‘us versus them’, and ‘over the top Nationalism’ ethos and mentality for a long time! The fact is America is not number one, China is more economic and plays a more important role globally, and we are One World!

This election has proved that America is a divided nation, with much poverty, racism, inadequate housing to many, inequality, huge demarcations between the wealthy and poor, a struggling education system and a pitiful health system which denies many the right to good health; although Obama tried hard to rectify this! I add here, that this is not only true in America!

Donald Trump managed to get ‘non-voters’ voting, by telling these disenfranchised groups what they wanted to hear! Why isn’t it compulsory to vote in the USA? It’s a shame that so many are ignorant and naively follow a business man with no conscience, and on the ‘war path’, yet the majority are ‘sheep’ buy into ‘fear tactics’ and ‘rhetoric’ and are easily led to the slaughter house! It’s the shadow government, the media, a handful of wealthy families and a handful of banks that ‘run the show’, and Presidents are merely puppets!

We live in times when the world is becoming more fascist, and many of the same elements are in play as prior to WW11! It is only through a collective effort, that we can rise from the trash and embrace a ‘wholistc/holistic’ and ‘collective We’, where we can override the negativity and fear, winner/loser mentality and rise from our collective ashes into a phoenix directed by love! Do we really need leaders that act merely as puppets to the powers that control them? Why are there so many secrets? We must govern ourselves, know and embrace our own ‘power’, then we will choose the best candidates for serving the public!

We must continue to live in our ‘hearts’ and to question the ‘powers that be’ and to question what we read and see in the media, as the majority is  biased, and rhetoric aimed to put fear into the public (that is why horrific stories are repeated over and over again) and we must work together for peace, what is right and humanly possible! There needs to be a change in our Keynesian economics- which does not work in the 21st century- and perhaps never did, as the Earth has finite resources which rules out perpetual growth!

There is definitely ‘power in numbers’, and there is much to gain from positive values! We, together create the reality we perceive and create here on Earth, and it is up to us to dream and create a better dream and reality! Let’s create a better World together!  Let’s do it for our children!  Bridget Cameron

Little things matter


Cabbage White Butterfly (Pieris rapae) drinks nectar from onion weed.

How often do we dismiss the ‘little things’, especially if they are common?  In our busy lives, we often forget to ‘stop and to smell the flowers’.  It’s a shame, because there is so much intricate and delicate beauty in the smallest life, and this vulnerability deserves respect!

I went for a walk along a local creek, and found a shady spot to listen to bird and insect choruses. It was here, that I watched this butterfly dance and feed upon the flowers. It was such simple delight!  🙂  ❤

Wind Dance

Relax and enjoy some solitude with my new beach music and video :).

“The sparkling waters of a summer tide
The song of the breeze as it slips and slides
The beating of wings beneath fluffy skies
When you sit still and listen the music flies”  Kara-Mia Muso


Waterfall Fun at Waterfall Gully

Just love it when the Waterfalls flow…


Waterfall Fun at Waterfall Gully, South Australia.

Rainbow Dream

A little hypnotic music video I put together, inspired by a passing rainbow cloud…:)

Rainbow Dream

Life’s a big picture,
look at all the pretty colours.
Life’s a big picture,
on the big screen.
Open your eyes up,
see the beauty in the moment.
Open your heart up,
create your best rainbow dreams.

© 2016 Bridget Cameron


Sun meditation

“A mind that is calm, without hesitation and anticipation is meditation.  Sri Sri

Much life exists on our planet because of the sun. Worshipping the sun has been a daily practice in many cultures, for thousands of years. Sun salutations is very auspicious and good for the body and the mind. The sages and preceptors have advised us to meditate during the morning and evening.


Salutations to the Sun, by Bridget Cameron

Be still and communicate with soul.

For, this is how we are made whole.

© 2010 Bridget Cameron